5 Symptoms Which Should Get You Rushing To The Urologist - MEN​

Dr. Piyush Gupta

What is your first reaction when your urine changes colour, or when you feel regular but negligible pain in the groin area? More often than not, the answer would be ignoring it. Let’s discuss why it may not be a very good idea.

Silence or hesitation is the first reaction when it comes to Urological issues. Men are negligent of their issues till they become too hard to handle and disrupt normal life. We tend to forget that early detection and treatment is important. Medical advice is not to be sought when there are no options left, but instead when symptoms appear!

If you have any queries or doubt, or if you think you need to consult a urologist, reach out now.

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Blood in the Urine

If you Discover blood in the urine, it could be visible red or pinkish, it should never be ignored. We know that bleeding from anywhere is not normal, so why ignore bleeding from such a sensitive organ!

 This condition of having blood in your Urine, visible and visible only in tests, is called Hematuria. This condition may indicate a stones in your kidney or urinary tract infection. It may even signify bladder or prostate cancer. Make sure you address this issue promptly with the urologist.

Lower Abdominal or Pelvic Pain

Persistent pelvic pain or lower abdominal pain can signify multiple urological issues. If the pain is bearable we tend to ignore it, but we want to remind you that this may indicate (like the case above) urinary tract infections, kidney stones, prostatitis, or even bladder or prostate cancer.

This is not the usual headache that goes away with sleeping, Get proper evaluation and diagnosis done!

Frequent Urination

This one may be the least dramatic (and most annoying) in this list, but it is hardly a symptom which requires no attention. With onset of old age many individuals tend to urinate more, but if urgency in urinating becomes a regular feature then you need to seek urological testing and consultation. Finding yourself in bathroom repeatedly may seem benign enough, but this may be due to an underlying urological condition.

Erectile Dysfunction

One of the most taboo topics covered here or anywhere in urology. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is considered an embarrassing topic for men, but it is more common than you think, and despite how personal it seems, it is not be ignored. As movies and books have shown us, occasional problems and performance issues are part and parcel of the process. It can be dismissed as performance anxiety or a number of issues. But if achieving or maintaining an erection is a normal, persistent or worsening problem, then book your trip to the doctor as it can indicate an underlying urological condition.

Seeking a doctor’s advice will help in diagnosing and treating the underlying cause, which then will improve both your sexual health and general health and wellbeing.

Testicular Lumps, Pain, or Swelling:

One sudden day you wake up and see the testicles in a different shape or size than they should be, then don’t just forget about it and carry on with the day! Get yourself promptly evaluated by a Urology professional. Dr. Piyush, Urologist, East Delhi Medical Centre says, “I don’t want to alarm the reader but Testicular lumps, pain, or swelling can be potential signs of testicular cancer! Get tested to remove any doubts.”

In this case, Self-examinations should also be performed regularly to detect any sudden changes, or abnormalities, and if you do find them, you know what to do by now!

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